P PaymaA Software Solution is an innovation of IMPOF IT Solutions Private Limited. A start-up company that primarily deals with software solutions, its motto is best understood by its tagline- Acquire Analyse Control. In other words, it lets you acquire data, analyse patterns and exert control over your operations.

IMPOF IT Solution PaymaA is a rapidly growing software service program that has already touched the lives of hundreds. With the intention of making lives easier, this service is meant for making community living and industrial operations an uncomplicated, more participative experience.

Through the PaymaA app, every tier of the community is involved in activities ranging from something as basic as your everyday cleaning services, to booking clubhouses and checking payment statuses. For the busy industrial tycoon, crucial activities like keeping track of machine uptime and downtime, tracking usage, uploading and downloading schedulers and even maintenance of equipment becomes a piece of cake.

The intention towards building an app like PaymaA is the creation of an inclusive experience for every user of the industry and community. Living a fast-track life doesn′t leave much room for errors and tracking bills and scheduling appointments in person. This is where our software comes in use for you it works, first and foremost, by making your life simple.


The Data Carrier(IoT Device)

P Pigeon is a trademarked IoT innovation of IMPOF IT Solutions. It is a compact, space-efficient hardware device that will fit into the smallest of places.
A data acquisition and control medium for PaymaA, its software counterpart, the Pigeon works towards relaying information and executing actions.

Pigeon pools data and follows the commands of PaymaA for performing any task, such as regulating electricity or gas supply and more.
In industries, Pigeon acts as an active monitoring device, keeping an eye on various equipment, their running times, metering systems, power consumption and more.

At IMPOF IT Solutions, our enduring commitment towards providing the best of technology at the most affordable prices has resulted in the creation of Pigeon.
This multi-tasking little machine can handle any major task you throw at it.

Simply put, this IoT device helps you digitalize your life as well as your community′s.
In a world where there is little room for manual errors and everything relies on peak efficiency, this device will help you get a smooth lifestyle.

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Get to know Our Vision, Mission and Values

IMPOF IT Solutions PVT LTD is a start- up company that primarily provides software solutions. Importance of IT, or IMPOF as we know it, provides Internet of Things products.

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Our Mission: IMPOF IT Solutions hopes to unite the power of technology with structured discipline for flawless execution of day to day activities.

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IMPOF IT Solutions was started with a mission to provide hardware and software which can comprehensively address hassles faced by communities and organizations.

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